'The Flash': Candice Patton on Barry and Iris' Growing Rift

"The Flash" Season 3, Episode 17 promo starts with Barry clueless about what is going on and he asks Supergirl if she has any idea about how they are stuck in a musical. Although he had taken because in reality it is this very small piece that prevented Savitar back in the flesh on Earth-1 in Season 3 of The Flash.

The Flash recap with spoilers ahead. It was surprising to see the episode open right with Eddie, but he is the clearest example of someone dying because of events Barry was caught up in. Yep, it's time for Barry to explore another dream world, this one with several fan favorites returning! He decides nobody else should have to pay for his sins. Cisco fits Barry with a new Flash chestpiece equipped with what he calls an "electro halo" using 'goldtooth, ' the interdimensional equivalent of bluetooth.

"Next episode, Barry goes into the Speed Force to find Wally and try to bring him out - and you see Iris fearing for both Barry and Wally wondering if they'll get out - and I think Barry being gone makes Iris kind of question her decision on holding off on the engagement", Patton said. But as they leave, Jay stays behind, telling Barry that someone had to take Wally's place - for reaaons mysterious and unknown, because you know that Barry is going to get him out someday, somehow, so why not now? But we haven't spent all that much time with Jay (this version of Jay, that is), and Barry's been so unlikable lately that instead of appearing noble Jay comes off as a bit of a chump for investing so much in the kid.

Other bad things: So, time wraiths aren't fast enough to reach a slowly-closing elevator? Like Eddie and Ronnie, Snart's just a vessel for the Speed Force, but Miller's so damn good he can't help but remind us what this show's been missing since he left it for Legends of Tomorrow. But it's too late. Thawne, as you may remember, is an ancestor of Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, and shot himself in the first season to prevent Eobard from existing in the future. Black Flash grips Barry's neck as Barry's face turns grey and black. Even Iris and Barry's break up felt rushed and a little anticlimactic in the grand scheme of things. Do you share my confusion about why Barry essentially broke up with Iris?

This person who will eventually become Savitar may very well be "the one who will betray" Barry, as Savitar prophesied earlier in Season 3. Not to mention John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick busting in to save the day.

"He's willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when he enters the Speed Force". "Not every marathon has a finish line", Jay says before he gives Barry is cap. Jesse uses the shard to stab through a chink in the armor, and it wounds him, sending him running away.

H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) is shown declaring the speed force to be a "crazy place" and soon we glimpse Barry fighting the ghosts he's previously encountered on The Flash Season 3 and earlier seasons. The two come face to face and Savitar reveals he's lived all of this already.

Savitar threatens Jesse Quick. This would imply that Savitar is one of the major players this season, as no-one but Team Flash knew exactly where Jesse went and how she battled Savitar. Is it the end of Barry and Iris' love story?

In changing the present, he signed a lease for himself and Iris, whom he hadn't been dating long, before asking her to move in with him and then proposed.

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