'Iron Fist': Should Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing Take Over From Finn Jones?

It's kind of like the experience you'll have watching "Iron Fist".

Marvel truly had a chance to flip the script and move to the next level, but with Iron Fist they took the easiest, richest, whitest way out. With them, it borders on unconscionable.

The latest Netflix-Marvel mashup, Iron Fist, opens with a barefoot Danny Rand walking through New York City. Iron Fist ends with his attempting to return to K'un L'un - and finding it gone, disappeared, with its guards murdered by Hand weapons.

If there's one searing, glowing, white hot bright light in Marvel's Iron Fist, it's Colleen Wing.

Ultimately, race is far from central to Danny Rand's character - Iron Fist doesn't have to be white.

Since Netflix's latest superhero series Iron Fist takes place in NY - a crowded city with a plethora of Marvel superheroes featuring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil - it's no surprise that the titular hero is going to run into some familiar faces. It's just impressive, you know.

Can you talk about your characters and how you got involved in the project? "But Game Of Thrones fan are gonna be like, 'holy crap!" In some metaphorical sense, it may be the keystone of the performance; everything else crumbles without it. Jones can't get Danny off the ground-or rather, he can't rescue him from the gross, childish chosen-one gunk the writers have bathed the character in.

The titular "Iron Fist" is Danny Rand (Finn Jones), the scion of a wealthy Manhattan family that was lost in a plane crash in the Far East. Danny was assumed dead in the crash too as a child, but was actually found by warrior monks who trained him in the martial arts. I remember halfway through the cage fight scene in episode five I almost passed out. Danny eventually reconnects with his childhood friend Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup); finds an ally in expert fighter Colleen Wing (fellow GoT cast member Jessica Henwick); and gets assistance from Netflix/Marvel universe's resident doctor Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson).

Over the course of somewhere between a few weeks and a couple of months, Joy Meachum has found a long-lost childhood friend, tried to help her brother battle a drug addiction, been fired from the company her father co-founded, was betrayed by her brother, found out her long-dead father was actually alive and can straight-up cheat death, got involved in an worldwide conspiracy, found out her childhood friend has superpowers, and discovered that her company was a front for a massive heroin ring.

Jeryn "Jeri" Hogarth began her tenure in the Marvel Netflix world as one of Jessica Jones' sources of employment. As is, she's a rudderless cipher, an amateurish approximation of a cool, icy businesswoman. Its bigger problem is that the main character isn't all that interesting. It's as if the whole thing is improvised by a level-one UCB class who were explicitly told not to be amusing.

Count me as one of the many who collectively squealed when "Iron Fist" was announced as one of the four Marvel properties Netflix would pick up. IRON FIST seems much more a typical superhero show, with Danny's own abilities making him look more like Spiderman without the sass, and his upper crust upbringing not feeling especially unique. Not Netflix itself-just this iteration of Marvel world-building, slapdash and dismal as it is. Danny is clever enough to hang on to a ceiling to escape the baddies, but he is also daft enough to talk about other dimensions, being the chosen one, harnessing his chi to create a fist of iron at will to a psychiatrist who already thinks he is a little cuckoo in the head. He meets a pretty, katana-wielding love interest! For its clumsy (at best) handling of Asian culture first and foremost, yes. I've only seen the first six episodes, so maybe things improve in the back half.

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