'Going in Style' makes feeble jokes about the elderly

His best buds, Willie (Freeman) and Albert (Arkin) are also mad as hell, given that the steel company they slaved for is outsourcing to Vietnam and vaporizing their pensions. Caine and Freeman are delightful when their characters interact with their respective granddaughters - a scene when Freeman talks to his via video chat is - adorable - while the softer side of Arkin's Albert is unearthed in his scenes with Ann-Margret. "I don't care if you're 105-years-old". We get a training montage, which sees them case the bank and even work out; while it feels obligatory it is nonetheless quite enjoyable.

Morgan, 79, and Michael, 84, added that they have no plans to slow down at the moment, with Michael admitting that not many actors officially retire from the business.

There are also nice turns by Kenan Thompson as a suspicious but sympathetic shop boss, Matt Dillon as a bumbling Federal Bureau of Investigation guy and Christopher Lloyd as a crazy-but-harmless local resident of what is obviously the most mirthful neighbourhood in all of Brooklyn.

Going in Style, a remake of the heist film of the same name from the late 1970s that starred George Burns, Lee Strasberg, and Art Carney as elderly bank robbers, updates the action for the Trump era. It just doesn't necessarily have an abundance of laughs. We're introduced to the character in his local bank, the OAP seemingly having a few money worries after defaulting on his mortgage payments. "And it's not boring".

Going in Style opens Australia-wide on April 20. His first two films were well-made introspective dramedies about people reexamining their lives. The security they expected in their old age is ripped away when their pensions are dissolved. Again, just look at that cast that he's gotten for it and tell me that this doesn't have real potential.

While it won't win points for originality or innovation, Going In Style is far from the cynical exercise that it could have been and instead proves to be a gentle comedy with an unexpectedly relevant voice.

"I realized that there is this enormous audience of seniors and baby boomers that love going to the movies and there isn't a whole lot of content for them that's put out throughout the year", he said, noting how most movies aimed at older audiences tend to come out during awards season. While it's certainly fun to see these three classic actors working together, even they can't help this rise above being more than an average old-age comedy.

"The gravitas that he brings to so many of his roles is what he's known for, but he's got a great sense of humour", said Braff. Meanwhile, Caine is facing foreclosure, Freeman needs a new kidney, and Arkin-well, I guess his biggest problem is that he's trying in vain to fend off the amorous advances of a flirty lady (played by Ann-Margret).

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