Scientists to March Against Trump's Alternative Facts, Climate Denial

I am distressed that too many of our representatives in Washington, D.C. are willing to ignore scientific evidence when it conflicts with political ideology.

For me, this is really all about climate science because I'm a climate scientist and the issue that really resonates with me is that we need to move past this false debate about whether climate change is real so that we can have the real debate as a society about how we're going to fix it.

Others-including local organizers-are taking this notion of science appreciation a step further, and calling for specific advocacy in opposition to the Trump administration.

On Saturday, April 22-Earth Day-thousands of scientists and science enthusiasts will take to the National Mall in Washington, DC for the March of Science.

That may help but just as important is the high profile the march is giving to science.

"There isn't a doubt in my mind that my wife would have died 50 to 100 years ago should this have happened then, and I believe in 100 years from now my baby (we named her Abigail) would have been saved", he said.

The coalition includes the The Carrie Dickerson Foundation, the Green Country Sierra Club, All Souls Green Team, Tulsa Blue Thumb joined with March for Science, Tulsa. You do not need to be a scientist, have a science background, or even know much about science to be there.

But for the organizers behind March for Science Toronto, the focus isn't only about showing support for the USA science community.

Marquette University student Margaret Johnston, who is majoring in physics, feels duty-bound to march for science. "Scientists coming together to fight for all of the progress we have made, and will make, is absolutely worth a couple of hours of your time".

The march is meant "to show that people support science and that they recognize the value of science in their lives", said Rich Ribb, an organizer for the march in Rhode Island.

This is not a partisan concern - anti-science agendas and policies have been advanced by politicians on both sides of the aisle and harm everyone.

Students from Solouki's group will participate in communication workshops organized by AAAS at their headquarters Friday, where scientists will receive training on how to present their research to the public. I believe that the continued survival of our species is dependent on science and, as long as it is under threat, we must march for it. Or do we interact with the public, and advocate for policies based on sound science? Andrew Lynn GS, who is part of the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, said he has no immediate concerns about the march and that he plans on attending it "without reservation".

The March for Science is an action to call upon lawmakers to measure their decisions on evidence-based research and support government-sponsored programs that have led to remarkable advances for our society, everything from life-saving medications to innovations that have improved crop yields.

Bill Nye, one of America's most famous scientists, is co-chairing the event alongside Dr. Hanna-Attisha, who discovered unsafe lead levels in kids living in Flint, Michigan.

In the days after the 2017 USA presidential inauguration, resistance to the anti-science stance trumpeted during the 2016 campaign grew in online discussions on Reddit. "We want science talked about in a factual way".

Instead, thousands will be donning lab coats and hitting the streets in an global demonstration to celebrate the scientific community in the USA and defend its role in society. The event is in partnership with the Earth Day Network, the Nature Conservancy, the National Center for Science Education and other organizations.

In the months and years prior to the 2016 election, Trump declared climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, but since taking office he has delivered mixed messages regarding his views on global warming. "It enriches your belief in your cause more after you see yourself surrounded by all these people with similar worries and concerns about what's happening".

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